Xylitol Gum Side Effects

Overview Xylitol is a sugar alcohol that is added to gum to as a low-calorie alternative to sugar. Xylitol contains ingredients that may reduce cavities by preventing bacteria from adhering […]

Dangers of GMO Foods

Overview According to the United States Department of Agriculture, as of 2010, at least 80 percent of corn and approximately 90 percent of soybeans grown in the United States are […]

What Are Flavonol Antioxidants?

Plants naturally produce thousands of substances called phytochemicals. The flavonols are just one of many groups of phytochemicals, but they have the advantage of being better researched than many other […]

Healthy Microwavable Food

A microwave oven can be a convenient addition to your kitchen because it speeds the cooking process and still produces flavorful and nutritious foods. While you cannot cook all foods […]